High Speed Cable Jump Rope - 10 feet long cable with fully adjustable length. Super fast and great for Double Unders - Pink Intermediate

$ 9.99

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This best in class High speed Jump Rope from Iron Core Athletics is designed for high performance and daily use. This is an intermediate level jump rope with light weight plastic handles.

  • High quality, durable wire cable, Lightweight ergonomic plastic handles, 90 grams total weight
  • Smooth and quick with every rotation, handles are 7" long
  • One size fits all, fully adjustable up-to 10ft, easily changes length
  • Ideal rope for double-under and speed jumping
  • Must have rope, perfect for athletes of all levels, including crossfit, boxing, MMA and may others

Why Iron Core Athletics

Iron Core Athletics is a leader in providing equipment targeted at building Core strength with high quality products at a fair price. We offer an industry leading 60 Day No Questions Asked return policy and provide a two year warranty on all of our cable jump ropes.