Sandbag Filler Tube - 19" Long 40lb Filler

$ 19.95

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The top of the line filler tube used in conjunction with Sandbag Training Outer Bags to add weight for workouts. These Universal Fillers are constructed of industrial strength Vinyl and are Guaranteed not to leak.. This large tube weigh up to 60 pounds each when filled with water and can be used with any manufacturer's outer shells. Dimensions are 27 inches long by 11 inches wide when full but fold up very small weighing about a pound when empty. This is the perfect set up for those that like to bring there workouts on the road.

Product Highlights :


  • 19" x 7" x 7" - 40lb capacity Universal Filler for Sandbag Training
  • Made of Industrial Strength Vinyl - Completely Leak Proof
  • Fits Medium Power Bags from Various Manufacturers
  • Dimensions -19"L x 7"W x 7"H -- Weighs up to 40lbs when filled with Sand (30lbs when filled with Water)
  • Does not ship with sand or water