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About Us

Iron Core Athletics was founded in 2009 with the purpose of bringing high quality, affordable, weight based exercise equipment to our valued customers.

While traditional fitness equipment such as free weights and machines are excellent tools for achieving fitness goals, they are often times too big or expensive for individuals to own an entire gym worth of equipment. The local gym is an excellent compromise but monthly fees, time consuming commutes, and crowded venues can often derail even the most dedicated athletes in the pursuit of their fitness goals.

An affordable and highly effective alternative is weight based training programs which use a combination of a persons own body weight and low cost exercise equipment to achieve remarkable results in ones own home or anywhere else you happen to be or go.

These tools include Sport Sandbags and Exercise Bands, both of which are portable enough to store in the trunk of a car, or bring as carry on luggage when traveling for work or pleasure. Our goal is to provide our customers with low cost tools that can be easily stored away when not being used.

We urge you to try a weight based training program using Sport Sandbags, Exercise Bands, and Pull Up Bars to create a workout regimen that can help you achieve your goals.

Our commitment is to our customers, we offer an industry leading one year warranty on all of our products and stand behind them 100%. If at any time you are not happy with the products, service, or support, please contact us at and one of our support representatives will contact you to remedy the situation.

To all of our loyal customers, we appreciate the support we have received over the years and look forward to servicing your needs for many years to come.

Thank You,

Iron Core Athletics 

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