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Welcome to the Iron Core Athletics Rewards Page

The Iron Core Athletics Rewards Program in intended to incentivize our customers for sharing their experiences with Iron Core Athletics and our products. 

The program itself is very simple, just sign up to be a Rewards Member and we will provide you with a unique Coupon Code that can be used by you and your friends to earn discounts on our website.

Your unique Coupon Code can be used at Checkout for a 5% discount on all orders. In addition to the discount, all purchases using your code will generate Rewards Points in your account that can be used for Free Merchandise or Larger Discounts on future orders.

Here's how it works 

1) Sign up for the Rewards Program by typing in your E-mail address in the Rewards Section of our homepage and click the "Sign Up Now" button

2) Your account will automatically be set up and you will receive an e-mail from Iron Core Athletics confirming your registration and you will also receive a unique coupon code that can be used by you and your friends for discounted purchases on our website.

3) Once your account is created, you will be credited with 1 point for every dollar spent by anyone using your coupon code

4) Additional points can be earned by Liking us on Facebook or Following Us on Twitter. You can also earn points by submitting photo's or video's of youself or any of your friends using our gear.

5) Once you hit the 250 point mark you will receive an email allowing you choose from various awards including bigger discounts or free merchandise

That's it, it is really that simple, sign up now and start earning points !


Thank you for your continued support

The Iron Core Athletics Team


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