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Benefits of Sandbag Training

Why Sandbag Training

Sandbag training has proven to be an effective workout routine satisfying the requirements of Power lifters, Hardcore Crossfit Athletes, the Road Warrior, the Weekend Warrior, as well as Physical therapists, how can such a versatile, inexpensive tool satisfy the needs of so diverse a group ?

What is the common appeal ?

Low Cost – A complete system capable of hundreds of motions,  covering every muscle, can be purchased for under $100.  A complete gym worth of equipment for a little more than a month’s gym membership

Flexibility – The workout weight is easily configurable, this is especially easy for the water based systems where anyone can add or subtract weight at any sink or garden hose, literally in seconds

Core Building – The instability of the Sandbag training works entire groups of muscles building core strength in just a few basic movements, this is unlike a typical gym workout which is geared more toward a body building physique

Portable – There is no need for weight benches, barbells, kettlebells or machines, using sandbag training equipment you have a fully functional, completely portable gym. Take it one step further, using the water based inserts, you have a complete gym that fits in to less than 10% of a suitcase and weighs less than 5lbs. That’s right traveling weight less than 5lbs, simply fill the inner fillers with water from a sink or garden hose and you have your ideal workout weight which can exceed 100lbs

 The Advantages of Water Based Training

There has been much written about Sandbag Training, it seems the new hot topic is Variable Resistance Training using Water instead of sand, is there really a difference?

Sandbag training ushered a new era of low cost cross training equipment that revolutionized the fitness industry. The primary premise to this was using a readily available “free” resource such as sand to provide the weight and counter resistance to work and tone muscles in the body. The tool to channel the sand was canvas inner filler bags and Power Shells. This was a phenomenal breakthrough, both from a functional and economical  standpoint, from traditional iron cast weights. At Iron Core Athletics,  we believe that water based weight training takes this paradigm to the next level. Water based weight provides benefits over Iron and Sand based counterparts for the following reasons :

Water is everywhere – This allows for a completely mobile gym. Bring it on vacation, bring it to the beach, bring it to your cross fit class, bring it anywhere you want to work out, the world is your gym, you are not confined to walls. It transports easily weighing only a few pounds  and with the magic of a water source transforms in to the workout vehicle optimal for the individual

Water is more Fluid than Sand – This is a key differentiator. One of the key advantages of Sand based training over Iron weights is the instability of the Sand shifting and the need for the body muscles to adjust to the instability, end result is multiple muscles working together to build core strength. Water based training takes this to an entirely new plateau, the instability of water is over a magnitude greater that that of sand, end result is you get a significantly greater benefit to core building using much less weight and putting less stress on the joints

First generation Sandbag Fitness Systems offered canvas bags sealed with Velcro or Zippers for the inner fillers to provide the weight. While this method is superior to convention weights, the next generation of filler bags that allow for either sand or water in a leak proof vinyl tube provide added flexibility and the added benefit of no sandy mess

Instead of canvas bags using Velcro or a Zipper for a seal, these next generation systems use leak proof vinyl tubes that allow the user the choice of using sand or water in a completely no leak environment

Easy to fill and easy to empty, this is the idea portable workout solution without the mess


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