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Set of 5 Pull Up Assistance bands - Bulk

$ 33.95

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Iron Core Athletics #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 set of Resistance Bands is the ideal combination for your entire range of body weight exercises. Assisted body weight exercises are the best way to gradually strengthen the core muscles in the body without risking injury that can be introduced by using too heavy of weights and overexerting specific muscle groups before they are properly strengthened.

Key Product Features : 

    • Resistance Band #5, #4, #3, #2 and #1 Combo Pack -- Green Band 1 3/4" Wide -- Purple Band 1 1/8" Wide -- Black Band 3/4" Wide -- Red Band 1/2" Wide -- Small Orange Band 1/4" 
    • Great for Assisted Pull Ups, Weight Lifting, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching as well as any other body weight assisted exercises
    • Green Band -- Provides from 50 - 120lbs of resistance, Purple Band Provides 40 - 80lbs of resistance, Black Band Provides 30 - 50 lbs of resistance -- Red Band provides 10 - 35 lbs of resistance -- Small Orange Band provides 5 - 15 lbs of resistance
  • Professional Quality 100% Latex Material -- Length : 41" Loop -- Thickness 3/8" -- These bands are designed for everyday use and are favorites of Commercial Gyms and Personal Trainers
  • All Iron Core Athletics Exercise Bands come with an Industry leading 2 year warranty - We Stand behind our products 100% -- If you aren't satisfied with the quality of our products we will fix it, GUARANTEED!! 

For Pull Up Assistance :

This set will satisfy the needs of most people of varying conditioning levels in the 100 to 250 lb weight range. Use a single band or group multiple bands together to provide adequate assistance.

For Resistance Exercises : 

 These bands are ideas for building core strength through varying resistance levels. Great for Crossfit, Pilates, P90X as well as all other resistance exercise requirements.
Choosing the right bands :

Every person is different and the amount of Assistance/Resistance varies according to weight and fitness level. Listed below is a chart of the Assistance / Resistance offered by each individual band. Each band has an identical length of 41" and can be stretched to a length of over two times it original length making these bands suitable for individuals from 5 feet to 7 feet tall. Multiple bands can be used together to provide a wide range of assistance levels.

-- 1/2" Small Orange Band (#1) -- 5 - 15 lbs 

-- 1/2" Red Band (#2) -- 10 - 35 lbs
-- 3/4" Black Band (#3) -- 30 - 50 lbs
-- 1 1/8" Purple Band (#4) -- 40 - 80 lbs
-- 1 3/4" Green Band (#5) -- 50 - 120 lbs
Why Iron Core Athletics 

 Iron Core Athletics is a leader in providing equipment targeted at building Core strength with high quality products at a fair price. We offer an industry leading 60 Day No Questions Asked return policy and warranty all of our products against defects for an entire year.

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